How Can Today’s IT Leaders Achieve The Balance

My name is Isaac Myers and I am a graduate of the MBBCh programme at Cardiff University School of Medicine. I have always been interested in cancer but oncology as a medical speciality is quite a postgraduate discipline and not something students get much exposure to at Medical School. At Cardiff University, medical students get the opportunity to undertake an “Oncology Project” – a chance to follow a patient with cancer through their journey from diagnosis – which I found hugely inspiring. I quickly decided that I wanted to use my fifth year elective as an opportunity to explore the field of oncology.

Although I’d experienced cancer many times on the wards as a student, I hoped that my elective would affirm a growing passion for cancer science and the discipline of oncology, giving me valuable insight into the field. Thankfully, South Wales is the home of Velindre Cancer Centre: an outstanding specialist cancer centre in Whitchurch.